The Roszkowiaks

La Baie, Haiti

Many Blessings

My name is Grant Roszkowiak and I am the campus director in La Baie des Moustiques. I got married this year to a beautiful woman named Natasha. We both moved back down to Haiti this June. She manages the orphanage along with our local clinic. 
ImageI believe my role here is community development and evangelizing. So that being said, that is what I have put most of my energy into. In june we started to receive groups and develop new relationships with churches and individuals. In October we visited 2 churches who came to the Baie this summer and since then had been very interested in supporting our community. The two churches have now become our neighbors project churches, which we are really excited about! We raised funds for land to build a school in our community. Right now the mission school functions out of the church and only goes up to elementary education.
On our campus we have seen a lot of growth structurally and spiritually. We finished the community kitchen for the orphanage and for groups. We also started a tree nursery and a seed distribution ministry to help with the barrenness of La Baie. Over a 100 trees have been planted and there are 500 more growing. Seeing that fishing is a big industry here, we have helped equip the local fishermen with better tools like fins, masks and bigger and stronger hooks. Out of that, we have had people have come to our church. We also received funds from a youth summer camp to build a couple boats, which were completed earlier this month. We also have funds for more boats.
Natasha has been very diligent with educating and loving on the children. We have see huge growth physically, spiritually and emotionally. Right now orphan care is our most successful ministry. Our idea of orphan care is very holistic; we supplement their diet with vitamin shakes and daily vitamins. They attend the mission school right now and Natasha has a english pre-school for them in the afternoons. In january we are starting a formal clinic in the morning where we will also be “kicking off” a malnourished clinic where we monitor all the kids in our community who show signs of malnourishment. This will be done along with a dietician who is coming in January and has completed research for this very project!  
Natasha and I attended the Community Health and Evangelism (CHE)  course in southern Haiti.  We really learned a lot and we believe it is applicable for our neighbors project in many ways. In November we attended SCC’s missions conference where we were able to speak to various audiences about our ministry with NWHCM. I was also ordained by Savannah Christian Church during that visit.


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  Andrea Bailey wrote @

It is so exciting to hear the updates of all that you are doing and all that you have done already. You two are so blessed and so are those whose lives you are touching. We are honored to be a part of it! Can’t wait to come back meet the new children and see all of the changes!

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